performance art

Tallulah Haddon is a live art performer and actress based in South London.

A performance artist whose work frequently overlaps with cabaret, comedy, beat boxing and drag art forms, Tallulah frequently performs in a diverse range of spaces including outdoor festivals, queer performance nights and live art events.

Tallulah’s work looks broadly at issues of gender and power, and has previously explored her own romantic relationship, the power of celebrity men and how they abuse it (and others), heteronormativy in sex and the process by which women absorb the experiences of our close female friends.

Tallulah is currently exploring themes and techniques of audience participation in relation to power, female collaboration and performance in public spaces, domestic abuse and installation.



Jimmy was created with Marissa Carnesky’s Finishing School.

The piece combined drag, lip sync and audience participation in order to mock the well known entertainer.

More broadly it deconstructed, the powerful male celebrity figure, exposing and ridiculing the idea of such a figure through female impersonate.

MExican Formaldahyde.jpg

Mexican formaldehyde

Mexican Formaldehyde was performed at Morge Fest in May 2017.

In this performance Tallulah explored and deconstructed some of her own emotions surrounding her partners transition as a transgender male.

A thoroughly autobiographical piece, it explored themes around the female body, gender re-alignment surgery and queer love.



Mystical Femmes’ is a duo by Tallulah Haddon and Katy Jalili.

Part sexual encounter part provocation, an exploration of femme identity through the confusing and absurd scenarios that they have encountered in queer sex. 

They are a movement of non blood femme identifying queers. Undervalued and dismissed by queer hierarchy, they are making work in opposition to this, presenting comical and serious scenarios that challenge, dissect and share our experiences. 



Shared Saliva are a performance collective made up of Tallulah Haddon and
Elijah Harris.

Their work is part contact improvisation dance, part shag, part
confession, part spectacle.

When attending a shared saliva performance you can expect matching outfits, tears, tantrums, trans face and tender loving care.

Suzie 2.jpg


Performed recently at Latitude with Marissa Carnesky's Finishing School, Duckie, Bethnal Green Working Mens Club and at The Glory as part of Man Up competing as Jimmy Saville.

Roll up! Roll Up! For the one and only SUSIE SWALLOWER! The youngest Cannibal in Europe. Just flown back from Coney Island, the little wonder is sweet as cherry pie, but don't let her fool you... the siren of the sideshow! She will take you places you've never been before and probably never come back from. Lock up your sons, your daughters and your gerbils.



China/Vagina is a performance monologue created for Low Stakes Festival and performed at Duckie.

The piece explores penetration in gay sex, heteronormativity in queer relationships and the phenomenon that is Donald Trump’s presidency.

China/Vagina commented on Trump’s repetitive sexualized knowledge and paired this with the heteronormative sexualisation of queer relationships.


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